Pole Line Hardware and Accessories

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DAMIANO is one of the oldest and quality manufacturer of pole line hardware’s and accessories. The pole line hardware and accessories are used in conjunction with wooden and steel poles, transmission line towers and lattice masts. DAMIANO has in house design engineers who with years of experience design safe and cost effective hardware’s and accessories. The input and in particular steel is selected and used after careful analysis of its chemical and physical properties and thereafter processed using appropriate and latest technology to give a quality product which is safe to use. DAMIANO uses only prime steel in its manufacturing process ensuring that the products are not susceptible to any failure most manufacturing .DAMIANO has in house galvanizing where products are galvanized as per ISO 1461 requirement which ensures enhanced life of the supplied hardware’s and accessories . DAMIANO has all production facilities including those of fabrication , forging , machining , welding available in its facilities to make diverse types of pole line hardware’s and accessories.

Our range comprises