helical Fittings


DAMIANO is one the oldest and most adapt manufacturer of helical fitting and formed wire products . Helical fitting and Formed wire products also known as preformed in some parts of the world as substitutes to the traditional conductor accessories which were being used by utilities. They are cost effective and safe to use compared to traditional fittings which has made them popular with utilities. The technology was nascent in India and DAMIANO prides to develop the technology to manufacture helical fittings and formed wire products in house using indigenous technology and at the same time ensuring products comparable to best available in the world. Helical fitting or Formed wire products entail use of galvanized steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys wires, aluminum and zinc clad wires, PVC wires besides others and each is selected as per the application requirement of the customer. DAMIANO has ability to use all the above materials and make helical fittings and formed wire products of different types and sizes in its production lines.

Our range comprises