Conductor Accessories


DAMIANO is one the oldest and quality manufacturer of conductor accessories. Conductor accessories as the name suggests are used with AAC , ACSR , AAAC , HDBC and other conductors in overhead power lines . They are primarily made of aluminum with metallic fittings made of either hot dip galvanized steel or stainless steel. DAMIANO makes conductor accessories using prime aluminum ingots and there is no use of scrap aluminum. DAMIANO has in house alloying facilities and after suitable modification is able to produce conductor accessories of requisite alloy and temper and optimum grain structure. The conductor accessories are also manufactured using high strength and corrosion resistant alloys like 6061 and 6063 besides others where it can replace traditional cast process. DAMIANO’s conductor accessories surpass the standard specification requirement of ultimate tensile strength , slip strength and heat cycle tests due to their design and use of correct inputs in manufacturing process . The customer is assured of high strength conductor accessories with electrical properties surpassing those of the applied conductors.

Our range comprises