Since its reinvention as a manufacturing company in the year 1968, Damiano has successfully established a state-of-the-art plant spread over 250000 sq ft if area in proximity to the port city of Kolkata in Eastern india giving it access to the quality raw materials, talented manpower and excellent ancillary support. Consequently the company has over the las tforty years diligently upheld its promise of consistent quality with competitive prices. Forging has been a key process for DAMIANO and it has open and close die forging including multi stage headers.

DAMIANO undertakes fabrication of all teh kinds of light and heavy metal using power press and band saw machines. Damiano has expertise to do critical machining including chip less threading using indigenous swaging and rolling of metal.

Casting has been of prime importance in making high strength fittings, DAMIANO has oil and ability to alloy critical grades in house. Wire forming has been developed to make helical formed wire fittings for overhead lines.

Galvanizing is the uSP of DAMIANO. DAMIANO has integrated plant capable of doing extremely small articles, threaded articles and heavy structures in house. Oil Fired Furnace with temperature controlled andconsistent monitoring is what makes DAMIANO’s galvanizing meet stringent customer requirements for corrosion protection.