Product Updates

  • Tension Clamps Tension Clamps

    Tension Clamps also known as strain or dead end clamps are used in overhead power line for aluminium and aluminum alloy conductor at tension or terminal point to dead end the applied conductor . Our clamps are made of high strength aluminium alloys which are modified using patented technology in house giving uniform high strength throughout the clamp. The clamps are carefully felted to ensure no damage to the conductor during installation. The steel components are made using tested steel duly heat treated to sustain tightening torques without failure . All ferrous articles are hot dip galvanized or stainless steel. The edges are bell mouthed and ensure minimum corona affect . Rigoursly tested for each heat for slip and failing loads.

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  • Socket Thimbles Socket Thimbles

    Socket Thimbles also known as socket deadend are used in overhead power line for deadending or terminating conductors using helical or preformed grips . It eliminates used of multiple fitting like tension clamp or thimble clevis with socket connectors . The socket are made of high grade SG iron and care is taken to ensure no abbertion in seating area . The inside of sockets are machined using proven gages to give perfect fitment for ball connectors on the insulators . All parts are hot dip galvanized and security clips made of stainless steel or bronze as per request. They are rigoursly tested to ensure safe working loads of 45 kn – 70 kn – 120 kN as per requirement.

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  • Spindles Spindles

    Spindles also known as Line post studs or Insulator studs are used to fix pin type insulators on overhead lines .  These primarily replace convention insulator spindles which have tapered threads used with porcelain insulators . With advent of lighter insulator made of polymers design requirements permit use or standard threads even on insulator . Damiano makes this spindles / line post stud using high tensile steel duly heat treated to achieve cantilever loads given the short stalk . The threads are immaculately rolled to ensure perfect fit on the insulator inserts . Ratchets are well formed ensuring easy of removal even after prolonged exposure in harsh environment .  Spindles without ratchets are also available on request.

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  • Thimble Clevis thimble clevis

    Thimble clevis also known as  Dead end clevis are used in conjunction with dead end for terminating conductors on tension ends. They connect with the insulators directly or using eye connectors . The thimble clevis is made of high strength cast iron and hot dip galvanized . It is desigined to allow smooth bending of the conductor at the dead without damaging the strand . These are  fail safe and can carry withstand tension load in range of 70 and 120 kn . We at Damiano ensure that besides using appropriate raw material and optimum design each thimble clevis is deburred to remove any surface imperfection and all edge are rounded . Damiano also offers thimble clevises made of aluminium.

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